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Located at 435 Broome Street in SoHo, NYC. Kate’s Paperie promises to spark your creative senses and imagination. Their dynamic window displays are sure to catch your eye and summon you inside. Once inside, you may never come out! For over 20 years, Kate’s Paperie has been the ultimate resource in the world of paper. They have traveled the world to discover the most extraordinary materials and tools to inspire the creativity in all who have been beckoned to enter. From Kate’s Signature Collection to their wide range of New York themed cards (my personal favorite), papers and gifts, I could get lost and spend all day there. And if you’re looking for something a little more spicy and spirited, check out their Racy Collection. Proceed with fun and spine-tingling caution…parental guidance recommended! Kate’s Paperie products are always making headlines and I can see why. In addition to unique and designer products, their Creative Services include wedding planning and events, business solutions, personalized stationery, custom printing and Japanese-inspired gift wrapping called tsutsumi.

KatesPaperieNY2 KatesPaperieBicycle1KatesPaperieboxEiP Pick #1: Letterpress blank folded notes, Statue of Liberty: Printed by antique letterpress. 100% cotton.

EiP Pick #2: Stationery set, bicycles: Hand-screened folded notes of bicycles. Set includes: The Tandem, The Penny Farthing, The Shopper, The Road Bike, The Unicycle and The Tricycle. Our favorite part — they come in a screen-printed and hand-painted keepsake wooden box.

EiP Pick #3: Kate’s Handmade Box, Manhattan Map: Exclusive. Meticulously hand-crafted in the studio. Depicts a vintage-inspired map of Midtown Manhattan. No two boxes are alike.

Browse HERE to view their vast array of paper products, cards for all occasions and gift giving ideas. There is truly something for everyone. Not only are they a fine quality paper store, but even the occasional looky-loo will find inspiration one way or another. You don’t have to be crafty to learn step-by-step how to wrap a gift “the Kate’s Paperie way”. Be creative…be inspired.

Photo credits: Kate’s Paperie

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