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No shades of drab gray here:: It’s all about COLOR – beautiful, vibrant COLOR!

Fig.2 Design is Correspondence For the Well Addressed. Claudia Smith is a self-professed “color lovah” and she is the Color Connoisseur of Bethesda, MD. As a graphic designer, there is no shortage of creativity and design when it comes to her work…and home, for that matter. You know someone’s oozing with genuine love for what they do when they bring it home with them. And as Claudia’s closest friends will tell you, her home reflects who she is and what she does and loves:: gorgeous COLOR! More about her work in an exclusive interview below.


I fell in love with Claudia’s keen sense of design and color combinations that reflect her clients’ personalities and theme of the big day as with her wedding invitation suites. Fig.2 Design offers two wedding album collections: The Felicity Collection and The Fresh Collection. Each collection features a variety of lines to fit any style to set the mood.


 Feeling Fancy: For the ultimate black-tie affair


As shown here:
letterpress printed | marzipan card stock | envelopes in marzipan + whipped cream | inks: bubblegum + licorice


 Other color options available. Print methods include digital, offset and letterpress.

EiP Interview with Claudia Smith of Fig.2 Design

EiP: What is your favorite printing process?

CS: I no longer do my own printing, but once in awhile we get a very small job for some personal stationery and I love being able to letterpress those jobs. Because they are so small, I often suggest an inkless impression. As much as I love color, that crisp white on white impression gets me every time.

EiP: What do you view as being timeless when it comes to stationery?

CS: Monograms are timeless. I always though of them as being really preppy or really traditional. When I put my own spin on them for our line of boxed sets, I admit I was nervous about the response they would get. Luckily, they’ve been very popular and I think people really enjoy that fresh spin on a classic. But either way you slice it, a nice monogram is classic!

EiP: What are your top sellers?

CS: Monograms and gift wrap! Lucky for me, they’re some of my favorite things I design.

EiP: Can you describe your biggest challenge you’ve ever had requested by a client?

CS: Biggest challenge can sometimes be carte blanche! Especially when it’s a new client you really don’t know. Will they respond well to something fun and festive, or are they really more the clean and classic type? It’s tricky because you really want to get it right the first time. But if I had to be more specific, I once had a branding client who asked me to draw a tooth with an implant on his business card! I tried very hard to steer him in a different direction all while explaining why it wouldn’t be a great solution. However after several failed attempts at getting him to change his mind, I finally caved in. To this day, I am still mortified by it!

Thanks, Claudia for sharing your thoughts with us!

Photo credits: Fig.2 Design

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