An Unlikely Custom Order

With most of my crochet animal stash having flown off the table at my first Winterfest last month, I’ve been thinking about what to make to replenish the inventory. My first little guy was decided for me by a fan I acquired from the show. Sam emailed me to ask if I could make a goat for him to give to a friend for his/her birthday. Of all things…a goat! Cute…but I had never made one before. And he wanted it in one week! Good thing I love a fun challenge.

goatHere’s what I ended up with. I wasn’t sure what he would look like until he was done. I just made him up as I went along…and I think he’s pretty adorable! Gary Goat (as my daughter named him) is on his way to his new home even as I write. All wrapped up in tissue paper with a custom gift tag and ready to pop out of the bag to meet his new owner.

Hope your friend enjoys Gary, Sam!

I’ve been working on some darling baby blankets so stay tuned…


Where Did Christmas and the Month of December Go?


Phew! I don’t know about you all, but the month of December and the recent holidays have just been a blur. A wonderful, fun-filled, exhausting blur. Thanksgiving was so late this past year that I felt like I just turned around from it…and there was my Winterfest craft show and Christmas chaos, standing right smack […]

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Our Thanksgiving Table With Paper Trimmings


This is my favorite time of year. Actually, I have quite a few but it’s definitely up there! It’s the one time I get to dress up the dinner table with china, crystal and all the turkey themed tableware. I remember loving it as a child and my immigrant mother would do her best to […]

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Making it Festive With Pilgrim Hats


Ahh…I can smell the turkey and other fabulous trimmings already! I can’t wait. This year, we have ten less attendees to our dinner for one reason or another, but it will be no less tasty and fun for the rest of us. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time incorporating my […]

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Centerpiece Tree of Thanks


Just as January is a month when many folks think about resolutions they have for themselves for the new year, November is typically a month when we think about all the things and people in our lives that we’re thankful for. It is for my house anyway. One way I encourage my kids to be […]

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Knee-Deep in Cardmaking


Have you had days when you rack your brain for creative ideas…and nothing comes?!  And then there are times when you brainstorm in your sleep and wake up to write it down so you don’t forget it! Well, thankfully, I’ve been having the latter kind of days…and the squirrel in my head won’t slow down! […]

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Simple Photo Background Idea


I’m not a good photographer but in an attempt to make my blog photos a little nicer, I’ve come up with a simple and easy idea. Often times, I take pictures of my creations right at my crafting desk and the background clutters up the photo. I admire photos where the main image is crisp […]

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Halloween Treat or Boo Bag


When I stumbled upon this adorable tutorial on how to make a Halloween treat or “boo” bag from the fabulously talented Lil’ Luna, Kristyn, I had to make one, of course! I’ve made paper boxes many different ways but what struck me about this one is that I’ve never seen it made this way before. […]

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Kids Say the Darndest Things


So, I have a little journal book where I write down cute things my kids say so I can remember them. I’ve missed some here and there (mostly because if I don’t write it down right at the moment it happens; I forget it) but I try to get the good ones. I can say […]

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New Routine: Posting Frequency

Life has gotten the better of me and I’ve come to realize that I need to make a change (a little tweak, really). I strive to live an uncomplicated and stress-free life so this is just something that helps me work towards that goal. As a result, moving forward, I will not be posting daily. […]

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